Let's fight together so you can rebuild.

What We Do.

At Rebuild Your Career, we believe in empowering others to rebuild their lives. We understand what it's like to have to start over from scratch especially when you've dedicated a great number of years to your profession. It's not easy to switch gears and we understand this wholeheartedly. We are dedicated to providing resources to help rebuild your career.

From Where It Started

Rebuild Your Career (RYC) was founded in 2019. Our beginning originated back in 2007, working to help students with resume building, cover letters, mock interviews, and more. Anna, our CEO & Founder, started her journey as a college student wanting to help others on their personal journeys to reach their life goals.


Anna grew up in a poor household and understood what it was like to have nothing. After facing homelessness as a child, abuse throughout her childhood, and bullying throughout her teenage years, Anna was determined to help others turn their lives around. Her family didn't have money to put her through college, so she worked at a restaurant to save enough to attend community college. After she began community college, she began working in the Optical field, with hopes of gaining experience within the health field while attending college.


She worked hard to build a career for herself,  with amazing mentorship from her superiors. During her college years, Anna had quite a few setbacks, and had to put her passion on the back burner, while she worked to complete her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Davis.  Anna explored different career paths, but was faced with workplace bullying. She was put in difficult situations where she was taken advantaged and had no choice but to escape from her bullies. She faced individuals who did not believe in following laws and regulations, or HR protocols. Anna was faced with defamation and bullying even after leaving her abusive employers. After doing her best to start her life over, 150 miles away from her abusive employer, Anna found herself trapped once again.


Anna started Rebuild Your Career (RYC) to fight against workplace bullies. RYC is here to help individuals get help. Together, we can fight against abusive employers who treat hard working individuals like trash. RYC is here to help all individuals who need help rebuilding. Whether you're wanting to enter a new career path or wanting to become an Entrepreneur to start your own business, RYC is here to provide you resources to accomplish your goals. Don't let those who put you down win. Your success will be your defining moment if you allow yourself to rebuild.

Our Mission

Our biggest aspiration is to provide quality resources to help individuals to overcome obstacles within their career paths. We aim to give life to those struggling with finding the confidence to rebuild their career. We aim to develop as many leaders as possible, so that our economy can thrive under positive and influential leadership. With great leadership, comes great workers with amazing work ethic.

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